Using the Lanes

Hampton Roads Express Lanes

The Hampton Roads Express Lanes are open 24/7. The Reversible portion of the I-64 Express Lanes operates on the following schedule. Such schedule is subject to change based on traffic conditions.

New Hours of Tolling Operations for 64 Express Lanes Reversible Roadway in Norfolk

Closures on the 64 Express Lanes are announced in the VDOT Hampton Roads District weekly significant-lane closure report. 

An E-ZPass transponder is required to use the Express Lanes.

For vehicles traveling with two or more passengers (HOV -2+), you must have an E-ZPass Flex switched to “HOV-ON” to use the lanes free of charge. Solo drivers may choose to use the Express Lanes by paying a variable toll using either an E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex transponder.

64 Express Lanes Reversible Roadway in Norfolk Hampton Roads Express Lanes Chesapeake Segment Historical Pricing Calculator

For the I-64 Express Lanes Reversible Roadway in Norfolkyou can find the current range of tolls as well as the historical pricing calculator online at

For the Hampton Roads Express Lanes Chesapeake Segment, you can find the current range of tolls as well as limited-historical pricing online at

Hampton Roads Express Lanes Network:

Once completed, the remaining Express Lanes in Hampton, Norfolk and Newport News will also operate 24/7, creating a continuous 45-mile network of Express Lanes on I-64 across Hampton Roads. 

Motorists driving alone will now experience additional commuting choices. These solo drivers are now provided the option to choose the free general purpose lanes or pay a variable toll to use the Express Lanes with an E-ZPass transponder—an option not previously available to solo drivers under the former HOV-2 restrictions during peak travel periods. For vehicles with two or more passengers, the Express Lanes will remain free with a required E-ZPass Flex transponder switched to “HOV-ON.” Regardless of which lanes motorists choose, Express Lanes are designed to improve congestion and overall travel times for motorists in both the general purpose and Express Lanes.

New Travel Choices

Driving solo?

Solo drivers can use the E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex to pay the variable toll and enter the Express Lanes.


All HOV-2+ vehicles, including buses, must have a registered E-ZPass Flex device switched to "HOV ON" during operating hours. HOV-2+ vehicles utilizing E-ZPass Flex will not be charged a toll. To learn more about obtaining E-ZPass, visit

Choosing not to use the 64 Express Lanes?

The free, general purpose lanes will always be an option. 

New Rules Apply

Clean Special Fuel License Plate Vehicles or Hybrids

Registered "Clean Special Fuel" plate vehicles will no longer receive an exemption from HOV-2+ requirements during operating hours. You may contact the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for information about receiving a prorated refund for your plates. Call 804-367-0492. 

Free Access, No E-ZPass Required


Buses can use the Express Lanes toll-free when meeting the HOV-2+ requirement. It is recommended that buses obtain E-ZPass Flex transponders in order to utilize the lanes. 


Motorcycles can use the Express Lanes toll-free. There are no HOV or E-ZPass requirements for motorcycles. 

fire engine and ambulance

On-Duty Emergency Response Vehicles

On-duty fire engines and ambulances, as well as local law enforcement vehicles actively in pursuit, can use the Express Lanes toll-free.  

Current Traffic

Virginia 511 Traffic Info

View real-time traffic conditions and road closures by visiting or by downloading the free 511 mobile app.


You must have a funded and properly mounted E-ZPass in your vehicle. If you are an HOV-2+ driver, an E-ZPass Flex allows you to use the lanes free when switched to HOV mode.

Visit to get your E-ZPass or E-ZPass Flex.

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